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A shower at the Lombardi/Kindreds

Party the next night. Hillary came home for the festivities.

Wedding ceremony on August 23 at Highbanks Metropark

The scarf is a Tibetan kata, an auspicious symbol. It lends a positive note to the start of any enterprise or relationship and indicates the good intentions of the person offering it.

I printed family photos on backlight paper and used oil candles from a restaurant supply place to create these votives...real conversation pieces at the party

Then we moved onto bathroom demolition

Progress as of August 15, stay tuned

BJ's summer look....shorn for comfort.

Right, Blair built this cajon, a hand drum (also serves as an accent table) with a rich bass tone
August 2004

David and Tessa wed in July and have moved to Pittsburgh where David is beginning graduate school at Carnegie Mellon.

Hillary continues to enjoy Twin Oaks and will soon travel to Vermont to help a community get started there.

Blair demolished the bathroom (intentionally) and it's turning out beautifully...complete with copper tub surround and wooden bowl sink. See our latest bowl inlay project.

I'm headed for a polymer retreat at Pingree, Colorado at the end of the month. See the web site I created for fellow artist Lindly Haunani.

Blair built a beautiful "cahon" table/drum. Sounds terrific. He's still collaborating with Dorothy Barnes on some of her artwork.

BJ's is shorn for the summer and still a creature of the night, engineering those all-night sessions at the John Schwab Recording Studio.

Previous fun stuff. The pictures mostly speak for themselves: