Samples from our recent Columbus guild meetings...Debbie Jackson's cloth dolls have polymer faces that are also brooches.

Carol Shelton builds hollow beads over ball bearings. She cuts a circle with a biscuit cutter, drapes it over the ball bearing and bakes. Two baked circles are joined with a slim snake of polymer and baked again to form a bead. The beads are very lightweight.

At the bottom of this page is a picture of a quick gradation method (a variation on the Skinner blend) that Carol demoed. This two-tiered method does not require folding during the first pass through the pasta machine. The two layers are exactly the same but are positioned with opposing colors on top of each other.

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On two edges of the stack the colors should be the same (blue on blue or white on white). On the other edges, the colors should be opposed (blue on white and white on blue).

Either edge can be the LEADING edge as you feed it into the pasta machine depending on whether you're looking for a vertical or horizontal graduation.

Fold the resulting strip vertically onto itself. Repeat...going the same direction...until a smooth graduation of color emerges.

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