Chains...I can't escape them.

Here's my latest twist on chain-making.

Using Premo metallics, I roll out a sheet (medium thickness) of several colors with the back and front reversed to add interest (see photos below). I use Kemper cutters to create a collage of shapes. After I'm satisfied with the composition, I put waxed paper over the collaged sheet of clay and smooth all crevices.

I use the Kemper cutters again to cut out the round and square links. A mashed length of hobby store aluminum tubing makes a cutter for the oval hole (see below). After the links holes are all cut, I bake the round and square links.

I slice diagonally across the end of each circle to make an opening so that the squares and circles connect. After I assemble the links, I superglue the circles closed.

OK, so it's a bit labor intensive. I love mindlessly assembling chains on the sofa. My shoulders, however, revolt and tense after a couple of hours.

I added the medallions for variety when I realized they'd cut down on the length of chain I needed to assemble.

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